Bear City [DVD]

Come join us in the witty, sexy world of BearCity – all you need to do is take the girls from “”Sex and the City,”” inject them with large amounts of testosterone, tape fur coats to their bodies, and perhaps add just an extra dollop of bitchiness! When twinkie newbie and closet bear-chaser Tyler (Joe Conti) finally infiltrates New Yorks exclusive bear scene it doesnt take long for him to become infatuated with commitment-phobic Roger, the bonafide Casanova of muscle bears.  As Tyler negotiates the trials and tribulations of his seemingly ellusive love, he finds himself drawn closer to the quirky and endearing characters populating the fabulous big bear community. Oozing with sexual tension and comic prescience, BearCity is a prime cut of movie-beef, and a rare trip into the bigger, and hairier, side of gay life!

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